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Leduc Victims Services - Court and Legal MattersAs a Victim of a Crime, we want to ensure that court is as least stressful as possible. In addition to providing court support and preparation for testifying, our office can provide you further information about your rights throughout the process. This includes informing you of potential forms you have the right to fill out, depending on the type of crime you experience.

Victim Impact Statement

Anyone who is a victim of a crime has the option to fill out a Victim Impact Statement. This is a written document that allows you to describe how the crime has affected you personally. The effects you describe may be physical, emotional, psychological, social, or financial – however you have been affected.

Once completed, the form stays attached to the file as it goes through court. If the accused individual is found guilty, or pleads guilty, the Victim Impact Statement will be read by the judge, the Crown Prosecutor and the Defense lawyer/ accused before sentencing so that everyone can get a better idea of the impact the crime has had on you.

Request for Restitution

If you are out money as a result of a crime, you may request restitution. This is a form you fill out with the amount lost, sign, attach receipts to, and then submit to the court. Once on file, the Crown Prosecutor can use the form to ask the judge to order the accused to pay restitution if they are found guilty/ plead guilty.

As mentioned, our unit can support you throughout the entire court process. For more information about our Court Support Program, click here.

A Note on Civil and Family Matters:

Our unit only deals with criminal matters. Civil or family court matters are a different area of expertise. Reaching out to a family court counsellor or a lawyer would be a good option to figure out your next steps.


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Victim Impact Statement

Community Impact Statement

Request for Restitution

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