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Dating Violence - Tips for Enhanced Safety

What it looks like, the facts, safety planning, helpful hints

This type of abuse begins when we start dating and developing intimate relationships. It can happen at any age and in both heterosexual and gay relationships.

Dating Violence Can Take Many Forms

Sexual molestation and sexual assault, including:

Psychological Abuse:

Physical abuse and torture:

Stalking behaviours, including:

Bullying, including:


Facts About Dating and Sexual Abuse

Watch for the following clues that a person may be experiencing dating violence

Women of all ages can take measures to prevent becoming abuse victims. Recognizing trouble signs is an important first step. It is equally vital for women to value themselves and take action to avoid partners who try and maintain power or control over their time, body and actions.

Safety Planning, Tips and Actions

Dating Safely

Help Yourself

Examine your relationship and encourage people who date to examine their relationships. Anyone in a relationship should consider whether they are:

Take Action

Relationship Quiz

Does your partner try to control everything you do?
Are you discouraged from seeing family and friends?
Are you put down, insulted and called names?
Is your partner extremely jealous and possessive?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are being abused. This is not love

Do you ever treat your partner as a possession?
Do you blame or insult your partner for anything and everything that goes wrong?
Do you prevent your partner from seeing other people without you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could be an abuser. Take responsibility, this is not love.

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