Family Violence

Violence Hits Home
21 Reasons to Stay
Abuse Against Men
Domestic Abuse - Legal Rights
Domestic Violence Info
Family Violence Prevention
The Impact of Abuse on Male Victims
Male Victims of Female Violence
Types of Abuse
Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse
Victims of Family Violence
Why can't I get it right?
Women's Rights for a Safer Tomorrow

Leduc & District Family Support & Intervention Program

Children and Violence

Reporting Child Sexual Abuse Guide for Parents
Children and Domestic Violence
Talk with Your Children about Violence at Home

Sexual Assault

You and the Law on Sexual Assault
Incest Survivors
For Mothers of sexually abused children
If you have been sexually abused ...
Indicators of Sexual Abuse
Sexual assault vs. Consensual sex
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Saffron Group for Teen Boys
Seeds of Healing Counselling Program
Strangulation Information

Parenting - Children

Building Self Worth in Children
Safety Planning for Children
Internet Safety
Mixed Martial Arts Program Information
Parenting After Separation
The Stress of Parenting
Respite Child Care Services
Why Do Kids Join Gangs?
Websites for Youth
Websites about Step-Parenting Issues
Social Networking & Parents
Kids & Cell Phones

Parenting - Teens

U-turn for Youth
Motivational Experiences for Drug Dealers
Raves & Club Drugs Tip Sheet
Rohypnol Information
Signs & Symptoms of Drug Abuse in Youth
Teens and Dating Violence
Websites about Step-Parenting Issues
Dangers Runaways Face
When Your Runaway Returns
Protection of Children Abusing Drugs Info for Parents
Safe Blogging Tips for Teens


Compulsive Gambling Questions
Drug Abuse

Harassment, Stalking & Bullying

Bullying - What You Can Do
Bullying - Types and Signs
Criminal Harassment
Criminal Harassment Log
Stalking is a Crime
Advice for Stalking Victims
Stalking and Harassment
Someone is Following Me!


Bullying - What You Can Do About It
Bullying - Types and Signs
U-turn for Youth
Helpful Websites for Youth

Addictions & Youth

Drug Groupings
Parent Tips - Drug Warning Signs
Parent Tips - Recovery Support
Parent Tips - Teen Refuses Counsel
Signs of Youth Substance Use
Youth Drug Impact - Leduc
Motivational Experiences - Dealers
U-turn for Youth

Grief & Loss

Grief After Suicide
Can I Help?
Coping with Bereavement
Friend's Grief
Grief after Suicide
Teen's Grief
Children's Grief
Men's Grieving
Parent's Grief
Homicide Survivors
Bereavement Book List
Holidays and Hope

Suicide & Attempted Suicide

Suicide is Not a Joke
Grief After Suicide
Grief and Emotions After Suicide
Bereavement Book List
What Were They Thinking? Facts about Suicide and Grief
Suicide Caregivers Support
Grief Reactions
Cycles of Grief
Common Clues to Suicide
Suicidal Young Person
Child Survivors of Suicide

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
When your Baby has Died of SIDS
Having Another Child after SIDS
Grief and Mental Health
Critical Incident Stress Info
Cycles of Grief
Grief Reactions

Seniors Safety & Elder Abuse

Safety for Seniors
Elder Abuse Flow Chart
Elder Abuse Happens
Elder Abuse Resource List
Elder Abuse Prevention Tips
Safety Plan for Elders
Elder Abuse Awareness Network

Stress, Trauma & Mental Health

Humor Helps Healing
Recognize and Control Stress
Self Care After Trauma
Dealing with Conflict
Solving Neighbourhood Disputes
What is a Critical Incident?
Critical Incident Stress Management Info 1
Critical Incident Stress Management Info 2
Critical Incident Reactions Table

Theft (Robbery, Break & Enters, Vandalism)

Armed Robbery
Auto Theft
Bike Theft
Business Security Check List
Home Security Check List
Personal Reaction to Robbery

Identity Theft, Scams & Fraud

Identity Theft 
Little Black Book of Scams

Court & Legal Information

Court Terms
Alberta Court System
Court Orientation Tips
Courtroom Terms for Victims
Court Support Services
Emergency Protection Orders
Family Justice Services
Alberta's Family Law Act
Covering Out-of-Town Court Costs
Peace Bonds
Restraining Orders
Court Process - What to Expect
Understanding the Court Process
What's My Job in Court?

Alberta Justice & Solicitor General

Help for Victims of Crime
Financial Benefits Brochure
Statement on Restitution
Statement on Restitution Form
Victim Impact Statement
Victim Impact Statement Form
Community Impact Statement
Victims of Crime Protocol Brochure


Other (Miscellaneous)

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims


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