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Personal Safety

Be Aware, Protect Yourself

The key to safety is being aware of places or situations that put you at risk.

In Your Home

In Your Vehicle

In Your Community

Safety Tips For Females

Trust your Intuition

Intuition is the chill down your spine, the tightening in your stomach, the hair standing up on the back of your neck when you just don't feel good about a situation or a place you are in.

Don't ignore those feelings. Respect them and respond accordingly! Whatever your instincts are trying to tell you, pay attention to them!

Safety Tips:

Travel Wisely

Safety Tips:

Be Practical, Party Girl

Every year, thousands of emergency room incidents are attributed to women being secretly drugged

The use of alcohol is the leading attribute for women being sexually assaulted at parties and night clubs. Rohypnol and Ecstasy are two drugs being used in date-rape crimes.

Safety Tips:

Don't Give Stalkers Access

Keeping your personal information private is a valuable safety tool to prevent unwanted attention from a stalker.

Safety Tips:

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