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Court Support Services

One of our mandates as a Victim Services Unit is to provide Court Support for Victims of Crime. Court support has several components, including:

Court Updates

If you are a victim, our Victim Services office will provide you with Court Outcome Updates from the Court Appearance(s) the accused has attended. Unless there is a Preliminary Trial, it is not necessary for the victim to attend court until the date and time the victim is required to appear as a witness. It is important that you know what has been happening at the court appearances the accused has to attend. Victim Services can keep track of those appearances and advise you about what has occurred, when the next court date is and when and if a trial will take place.

Court Orientation

Contact Leduc Victim Services for court orientation for date and time to attend Leduc Provincial Courthouse

Victims who are scheduled to appear in court meet at the Leduc Courthouse the month prior to their court appearance. Orientations consist of the following:

Victims/Witnesses are encouraged to read their written statement and/or view their video statement about one week before the trial start date. This is to refresh the victim's memory. However, the RCMP members must give permission first and supply the documents and/or video statement.

Court Accompaniment

This includes the following:

*Due to the nature of some evidence, it is not always in the victim's best interest to have family in the court room while testifying. To ensure victims are not alone during this process, Leduc VSU feels it is important to make a support person available.

Leduc Protective Services Building
(Leduc RCMP Detachment)
#1, 4119 50th Street
Leduc, Alberta T9E 7L9


OFFICE AT (780) 980-7232


8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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